Dicky Bill Australia is a 4th generation farming business that specialises in Baby Leaf Salads. Our passion is supplying the freshest and highest quality salad lines to the customer as quickly as possible.

We want every customer to enjoy eating our salad as much as we have growing it for you.

“Eat your fill of Dicky Bill"


Each product is harvested, triple washed, and delivered to our customers with complete control on the cold chain.


The Dicky Bill product range includes: Mesclun mix, Spinach, Wild Rocket, Kale and specialty mixes as requested.


Our Dicky Bill product range is available from our washroom facilities in both Queensland and Victoria.

Honesty, Ethics and Superior Quality Produce

"The founder of our company (and my father) Richard William Barnard, or fondly "Dicky Bill" to those close to him, was a great man of honesty and ethics, a true farmer focused on growing superior quality produce. Our company is dedicated to continuing his dreams and values."

Ryan Mcleod

Real Foods! Real Families! Real Farms!

RF3 is our new project that revolves around Real Foods, Real Families and Real Farms.

More information on this new exciting project is coming soon...