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Basil is most commonly used in fresh recipes. Generally added at the last moment to preserve the explosion of flavours when eaten.   This little beauty goes particularly well with Italian cuisine.  Imagine your pizza, salad and pasta dishes topped with this fragrant herb.

Basil is a member of our Ready Herbs family, a fresh culinary innovation from Dicky Bill Australia. Each herb is field grown, triple washed, and packed better than other herbs.

Proudly resulting in less plastic, less waste and more jobs for local Australians.  Longer lasting and more flavour-filled herbs from our farm to your family.

Basil Ready Herbs
Dicky Bill Echidna
Tomato with Basil

Product Features


  • Rich in vitamins, minerals and a range of antioxidants.
  • Strong aroma makes it a highlight of any dish.
  • Many people enjoy this fragrant herb with its distinctive flavour.
  • Ready Herbs serve sizing, extended shelf life and protective packaging, offer consumers unrivalled food safety and convenience with no wastage.

Retail Packaging

  • 25g bag


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