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Mint is great for chopping into salads, sprinkling over fruits or adding to your favourite dessert. Mint is a calming herb that people have used for thousands of years to help soothe an upset stomach or indigestion.  A big favourite of ours is to add this beautiful leaf to an afternoon Mojito.

Coriander is one of our Ready Herbs, a fresh culinary innovation from Dicky Bill Australia. Each herb is field grown, triple washed, and packed better than other herbs.

Proudly resulting in less plastic, less waste and more jobs for local Australians.  Longer lasting and more flavour-filled herbs from our farm to your family.

Mint Ready Herbs
Dicky Bill Echidna
Mojito with Mint

Product Features


  • Great addition to desserts and drinks.
  • Rich in nutrients, this aromatic herb has been used in medicine dating back thousands of years as a soother for an upset stomach.
  • A family favourite salad, add a lot of mint to Watermelon, Fetta, Olives and Salad Onion.
  • Ready Herbs serve sizing, extended shelf life and protective packaging, offer consumers unrivalled food safety and convenience with no wastage.

Retail Packaging

  • 25g bag


Ready Herb Packaging


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